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Our "Well Beings" Programme

There has been a widely reported rise in the number of UK teenagers with mental health issues so in September 2015 we launched our ‘Well Beings programme’.


What is it?

A programme designed to help our students become physically and mentally fit, as well as giving them the skills to work independently.


Why are we doing it?

Because it is a challenging, competitive world and we want them to be well prepared for it.


When will it happen?

Upper School students will have 4 periods a fortnight dedicated to keeping them well. For Lower School students it is incorporated into their fortnightly programme.


Who will deliver it?

A variety of teachers and professionals.


What will be covered?

The programme will cover many aspects of health including physical relaxation techniques and other health related issues, as well as careers, study skills, mindfulness and leadership.


And so...?

Our aim is to ensure our students feel comfortable with themselves and are fit and able to take on the world. We want them to be looking forward to sparkling success, whatever they choose to do.


Click HERE to read the full TGGS Well Beings Programme leaflet.


You can download a copy of our Stress Management Guide for students HERE .


If you would like more information about young people and mental health you can visit the YoungMinds or Mind charities websites.





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