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South West Secondary
School of the Year 2019

30 Shiphay Lane, Torquay TQ2 7DY
E:   T: 01803 613215
Y7-11 Absence Line: 01803 653 750

South West Secondary School of the Year 2019

Houses & Head Girls

All girls joining the school are assigned to a house by our Head of Year 7, who acts as a human ‘sorting hat,’ by placing girls into one of the five houses. Each house is named for one of the first five Headteachers of the school; their portraits can be seen in the vestibule. 

New Year 7 students, Sixth Formers and Staff must swear a lifetime allegiance to their House at the annual September initiation ceremony. Once accepted into the House the ‘old’ girls cheer the new ones and everyone shakes hands. 

House Colour Mascot Motto what is a member Called
Beal Blue Bee We Bealieve A Bealean
Jackson Green Dinosaur Green Army A Jacksonite
Robertson Red Lion Feed 'em to the Lions A Robertsonian
Wilsonson Yellow Giraffe Wilko's on Fire A Wilko
Cross White Wolf Run Like Wolves A Cross

The Head Girls are elected by the students and staff in November. After a gruelling selection process the successful candidates have the nerve-wracking task of pitching themselves to over one thousand staff and students, in the biggest assembly of the year. The candidates with the highest number of votes become the Head and Deputy Head girl and the other candidates make up the Head Girl team. Once elected they represent the school in a variety of ways: at Open Days, staff interviews, tours and events.

They officially take up the role after the ‘Jacket Handover’ ceremony during the Christmas assembly, where they swear their vows. The outgoing team take off the jackets, with their distinctive white braided trim, and place them on the shoulders of the new recipients along with their new Head Girl Badge.

The new white Head Girl badges were introduced in 2007 but of the original badges, only one still exists. Over time all the original badges had been lost, stolen or forgotten. That was, until one miraculously washed up on a beach in Kent and found its way back to Torquay. It now proudly resides in the Archive corridor. 

As well as receiving a badge the Head Girl also has the honour of having her name printed on the Head Girl Board in the Old Hall, which lists the names of all TGGS Head Girls dating back to 1935.

The Heads of House and their deputies are elected in a separate process. They have a very hands-on approach encouraging and organising their Houses in charity fund-raising, and events like Sports day and the House Shout.


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