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South West Secondary
School of the Year 2019

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South West Secondary School of the Year 2019

Modern Foreign Languages

Current Teaching Staff:  

Mr D Cross, Mrs K Dell, Mrs R Gerry, Ms L Neill (Head of French), Mrs L Parfitt, Mrs P Smedley-Mathe, 
Mr N Twelves, Mr S Zimmerman (Head of German)
Examination board and syllabus: Edexcel 
Our world is continually shrinking and we are fast becoming global citizens, both in business as well as socially. Nowadays, we are all only too aware of the cross-world friendships that can be initiated and maintained via social networking sites, not to mention the opportunities afforded to us as citizens of the world. As such, it is imperative that we are able to interact with people from other cultures. Here at TGGS the Modern Foreign Languages team are passionate about equipping your daughter with the necessary skills to function effectively and thrive within this multi-national world. An aim that is furthered by the fact that taking a language at GCSE is compulsory.

Currently, all girls study both French and German in their first two years. This gives all girls a solid grounding a a Romance and a Germanic language. In Year 9, girls may be chosen to continue with both or will opt to consolidate their knowledge in one language. Students that reduce to one language are effectively picking, with guidance and support, the language that they would like to study for GCSE. All students study a Modern Foreign Language to GCSE level using the Edexcel specification and several opt to study two. Spanish and Japanese are also available as clubs subject to staff teaching commitments.

We have always believed in the need to teach grammar effectively as well as the vocabulary. In addition, we encourage students to practise and manipulate the language through group and pair work. The use of technology, authentic texts and a thorough grammatical grounding enable our students to excel in languages at GCSE with a healthy A-level up-take each year. In addition, we try to instil good learning habits amongst all our students. This includes the need to learn the new vocabulary and grammar ‘little-and-often’ to ensure that it in properly learnt and into their long-term memory. This decision by the department ensures that all our students are properly prepared for the new style GCSE examinations that will pull on all the work that has been done from Year 7 to 11.
We enjoy active links with France and Germany through organised exchange visits for the upper years and French and German visits at KS3. In the past we have also regularly taken 6th form students to the European Parliament in Strasbourg to debate European issues that are pertinent to young people.
In the Sixth Form we offer French and German at both AS and A level for those students who have already obtained a GCSE in the subject(s). The AS option would allow your daughter to continue to follow a broad, balanced curriculum with three main A-Levels, an AS language and a further AS in the AQA Extended Project.

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