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KS3 Art

KS3 Overview

At KS3 pupils follow a chronological art history framework that begins with pre-historic cave art and then proceeds through important and key areas of art history so that, by the end of Year 9, pupils will have looked at 20th Century Art.

Building on KS2 and preparing for KS4…

Our aim in Year 7 is to ‘level the ground’, so to speak, as pupils will have come from a wide variety of primary school experiences and skillsets. We therefore start with the premise that pupils can learn to draw, paint and create in a wide variety of media. It is not only a subject that appeals to the ‘naturally gifted’ but, rather, is a subject that all can access and certainly improve in significantly. We wish to present art lessons as fun, interesting and achievable. KS3is seen as both a self-contained programme of study, as the majority of pupils will not take the subject on to GCSE, but also as a steppingstone to the deeper levels of skills, media insight and art history appreciation needed to achieve highly at GCSE level.

KS3 Assessment

Pupils are given regular formative verbal feedback by teachers circulating around the room and assisting pupils and guiding them as needed. Additionally, pupils will receive brief written feedback through ‘post-its’ in their sketchbooks on the progress they are making through a project. More formally, each project will have an ‘Assessed Work’ sheet as it’s Summative Assessment. Here, pupils reflect upon their own learning through ‘What Went Well’ and ‘Even Better If’ and ‘Next Steps’ in reflecting upon their work and learning.

KS3 Content

Y7 Content Autumn

Pre-Historic Cave Art and Egyptian Art.

Y7 Content Spring

Classical Greek and Roman Art and Islamic Art.

Y7 Content Summer

A series of given ‘One Offs’ that ‘test’ pupils’ abilities having had two full terms of secondary school Art, taught by a subject specialist. Re-covering of any concepts felt in need of re-emphasis from earlier in the year. Observational drawings in various media at the discretion of the teacher.

Y8 Content Autumn

Renaissance Portraiture and Post Renaissance Perspective.

Y8 Content Spring

Proposed Trip/Sketchbook Submission and Clay Forms.

Y8 Content Summer

Colour Theory and Colour Theory Final Piece.

Y9 Content Autumn

National Marine Aquarium – including visit, sketchbook submission and final pieces until Feb H/Term

Y9 Content Spring

Finishing off NMA project and, after Feb H/Term, GCSE taster project.

Y9 Content Summer

Continuation of GCSE Taster Project.

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