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KS4 Drama

KS4 Overview

Pupils are introduced to the GCSE course, which mainly focuses on devised work, text work and evaluation of live performances.  They will also study a set text.

Building on KS3 and preparing for KS5…

Knowledge for KS4 continues to develop collaboration skills, communication skills, teamwork, improvisation skills and scripted work.  In KS4, pupils take responsibility for the entire process of performing their chosen monologue giving them valuable insight into all aspects of staging a piece of theatre to an audience.  More public performance is encouraged.

KS4 Assessment

Verbal feedback and praise is given each lesson from the teacher and from peers. This process allows students to accept feedback as a positive aspect of their training and not a criticism.  There are also more formal assessments each term and regular written work gradings. 

KS4 Content

Y10 Content Autumn

Intro to GCSE, drama techniques and Devising

Y10 Content Spring

Set text 1 and scripted performances

Y10 Content Summer

Set text 2 and first ‘real’ coursework started

Y11 Content Autumn

Devising drama – performance, log and assessment

Y11 Content Spring

Texts in Practice and revision of set text

Y11 Content Summer

Examiner performance and written exam prep.

Exam Board and website link:


AQA | GCSE | Drama | Specification at a glance

Details of external assessment:

Component 1 UNDERSTANDING DRAMA written exam 1 hour and 45 minutes.  40% of GCSE

Component 2 DEVISING DRAMA devising log and devised performance. 40% of GCSE (coursework)

Component 3 TEXTS IN PRACTICE Performance of two extracts form the same play. 20% of GCSE (visiting examiner)

Useful resources for KS4:

AQA GCSE drama by Annie Fox (ISBN 9781911208211)

CGP GCSE drama – the revision guide (ISBN 978 1 78294 962 6)

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