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30 Shiphay Lane, Torquay TQ2 7DY
E:   T: 01803 613215
Y7-11 Absence Line: 01803 653 750

TGGS Student Notices

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Friday 16th March


All Year 7 – 11 Students


Break today – starts normal time and ends 5 minutes later. You need to be in the room ready for period 3 at 11.40 please. Lunch will start 5 minutes later. The bells will not be correct. Thank you.


Timings for the House Dance Competition are as follows

Year 7 - period 3 & lunch

Year 9, 8C & 8J - period 4

8R & 8W - period 5


Year 7


Year 7 Book Club has been cancelled today. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Year 7: As part of science week we are launching a Poster Competition: A3 poster on “Weather phenomenons”. The 12 winners will be invited to attend a sleep over at the met office in May, where you will be doing a range of STEM activities to do with weather and astrology. Deadline. 9am 16th March in the Biology prep room.


Mr Smedley's Yr 7B and 7J

Can you please bring in for Monday's cover lessons a decent, detailed printout of 3 different animals - one that lives in the sea, one that lives on land and one that can fly.

This is very important for the lesson so please do not forget.


7W: For period 5 today, Friday 16th March please arrange to bring a reading book (with enough to last the hour) to your new timetabled lesson in the Study Centre


Year 9


Year 9 Drama club will not be on today – apologies.


9J: Your form is on chair duty for 7B assembly – please can you make sure all chairs are set up by 8.50am when the girls start arriving.


Year 10


Yr 10 Art Students:

Please remember to bring in all your GCSE work to date including sketchbook for Monday's exam. You need to arrive at the dept by 8.55am.

Miss Beard's Group: please note that Miss Beard is starting her mat Leave earlier than expected and if you want her to check your thumbnails, this must be done by the end of Fri.

Mr Smedley


Year 10 - D of E people - Please check your D of E e-mails for a reminder regarding completion of your Bronze Award.


Could Year 10 music class today see whiteboard in M1 for their task for the lesson, as I will be next door doing an exam. You should have instruments with you - Miss Shaddick


Year 11


Mr Smedley's Yr 11:

You will be in the Study Centre for P4 on Mon so please ensure that you have Art related (C/WORK OR EXAM) stuff to be getting on with that is appropriate for the space you have to work in in the Study Centre.



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