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CLICK HERE to download and view the 2017 Exam Guidance Booklet which has detailed information regarding external exam procedures.



Exam Timetables: 

Year 8 Exams 2017 

(Updated 13th June) 


Year 10 Exams 2017

Year 10 Exams - Extra Time - 2017 

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  Year 9 Exams 2017     2017 External Exam Timetable (GCSE & A Levels)



Monday 26th June


All Year 7 – 11 Students


Yr 7-9: Mr Smedley's Art Classes.

If you wish to keep any of your Art from this year, you must come to the Art Dept to collect it THIS WEEK. Any work remaining at the end of the week will be disposed of. If you are away from school towards the end of the week you will need to arrange for a friend in your form to get your work for you. The only exception to this is any work that I have kept for display as part of the Yr 7-9 Prize Afternoons. This will be given back after the Prize Afternoons are over.




Thank you very much to all students who kindly volunteered to help out with tours for Tuesday’s Open Day. There will be a short meeting for all students who came to last Friday’s meeting on Tuesday at break in the Lecture Theatre and all students who are still able to help must please attend for an important briefing. Thank you, Mr Charlwood


Choir at 12:45 today please.


Year 7


7W period 4 please go to IT1


Please could all of Year 7 come to a meeting in the Lecture theatre during registration this morning for the launch of the 2018 language trips to France and Germany. Many thanks, Mr Cross and Mrs Parfitt.


Year 8


Please will 8R bring some homework, private study &/or reading to their PPP lesson with Mr Charlwood today, period 5 in IT1. Thank you.


Year 9


Reminder for 9Y1 – please go to IT1 for your PPP lesson today and bring your MEP presentations ready to perform. Thank you.


Y9 Key Stage 3 Leaders – please check your school emails today. Thanks Mr Charlwood


Y9 Chemistry Study Support:

Students in 9x2 and 9y2 who are attending Chemistry study support sessions this week are reminded that the first one is today in C3, starting at 12.40pm for approximately 25 minutes. Please be prompt. The remaining sessions are Tuesday and Thursday of this week at the same time. These sessions are compulsory. If you cannot remember whether you have been asked to attend, ask your form tutor to check whether your name is on the list. Dr Sullivan


Year 10


Please note Period 1 Year 10 with Ms Saunders will be in the Library


Please could the Year 10 PE prefects see Mrs Greaves in the sportshall office at 12.35pm


Year 10 X PE group please go the Lecture Theatre period 2 for your talk about Binge drinking

Year 10 Teenage pregnancy talk will be in room 6 period 2

Year 10 period 5 go to the Lecture Theatre for your study session not the library please.

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