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Current Teaching Staff:
Mrs J Abbott - Head of Department

Curriculum Intent

To provide students with access to a broad and ambitious Drama curriculum, which embeds skills and knowledge of the theatre and performance process, allowing pupils to develop a love of the performing arts. 

Subject Overview

The curriculum will cover aspects of the history of theatre from Greek Theatre to the present day.  It will introduce learners to different dramatic styles, techniques, practitioners, devising activities, script work and regularly involve performances.


Spiritual- students are encouraged to explore their own feelings, beliefs and ideas to find meaning. For example, schemes explore bullying, refugees and war, and require pupils to consider both sides of the argument in devised pieces.

Moral- Drama holds up a mirror to society.  Directors, performers and pupils respond to issues and the concerns of their time in an unfolding story.  Drama can shine a light on a whole host of moral issues.  Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, by learning what is right and wrong through effective communication, co-operation and sensitivity.

Social- most projects will be ‘group work’, which builds a sense of belonging and bonding in class.  Groups are alternated regularly and problem-solving, a huge element of drama, is encouraged through respecting the opinions of others and learning the skills required to lead effectively.  There are lots of opportunities for pupils to get involved in clubs.

Cultural- The drama curriculum looks at various cultures and periods in history.  It helps pupils to develop an understanding of the wide range of cultural influences that have shaped their theoretical heritage and that of others.

British Values

Drama underpins what it is to be a citizen in a modern and diverse Britain.  In the safety of the drama studio, pupils know they are free from discrimination, intolerance and hate and may challenge prejudice and stereotyping through role-play, which strengthens relationships in class, the school and the wider community.

Democracy is useful as a tool during teamwork activities and drama promotes inclusivity and kind comments.  During the devising process students explore the facts, feelings, fears and forces that drive personal culture, historical and political issues.


Lessons in KS3 build in a literacy focus by introducing subject specific terminology – tableaux, mime, proxemics etc.  In KS4 at least one lesson or homework per term involves reading/written elements of the course – scripts, reviews, evaluations.


In drama, performance through its nature encourages speaking out loud and in public.  Also, pupils are frequently voicing opinions and analyses of live performance both for professional and peer evaluation.  During group work, all students have a voice.


In year 9, we talk about all the different career opportunities available in the theatre other than performing, including directing, lighting technicians, theatre managers, etc

Character skills

Drama specifically helps our bright girls and relates to the school aims by:

Developing vocal technique

Developing physical skills

Building confidence

Helping with interview skills

Creating Personal Expression

Expanding Knowledge

Building an awareness of idiosyncrasies

Having fun

Experimenting with ideas

Stepping out of comfort zone

Learning independently

Encouraging Passion

Developing communication and collaboration skills

Developing analytical skills

Building resilience and self esteem

Thriving as part of a team

Appreciating the work of others (and theatre companies)

Building an awareness of presentation skills

Gaining happy. Positive experiences and memories

Caring for others

KS3  Years 7-9

KS4  Years 10-11

A-Level Drama & Theatre Studies

Drama Career Guide

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